About Online Prayer Requests by Prayer Pray

Prayer Pray was setup to do the following to help spread the word of God.

1. Virally share the Word of God. Jesus put onto Peter to go out and spread His word. Many since then have helped. We believe to use all of social media to spread God’s word. You can help.

2. Online Prayer Requests. One of the main features of Prayer Pray is to ask for prayers. It is easy to ask for prayers on our website. Write it and share it. You can also ask for Prayer Requests with people who are online. If you need a prayer buddy, connect with them.

3. Pray for others. We believe praying for others can help the world and follow God’s message. When someone posts a request, you can pray with them or for them. You can also develop a blossoming faith connection.

4. Create likeminded Online Prayer Groups. A feature of Prayer Pray is to have people create groups that are dear to their hearts and help spread the word of God. People can create many different types of groups such as church groups and community service groups.

5. Posts faith based videos. Have you found a video you love and believe spreads the word of God? Let the entire world know about it by sharing it on here and the rest of social media including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.

6. Posts faith based images. Do you have pictures of someone doing something good? A prayer picture? Or anything else that can help people spread the word of God? Share the image with us so others can be inspired.

7. Blog about your faith or your path of God. Give people inspiration and blog about your faith. Share it with others. They too can share with others. Do you want a private prayer journal? You can do that too! Silent prayers are respected and God will listen.

8. Connect with other likeminded faith people. We are here to socialize while looking to better ourselves through the Word of God. Others want to help you in this journey. Join them!

9. We share blessed news. We want the world to know that God does perform miracles. We will give you news that talks about God’s miracles, answered prayers, inspirational faith based stories and more.

10. Grow with God. That is most important. We will share Bible verses that will make you think and make you grow with God. He has a path for you. Prayer Pray and its community wants to help.

God bless you for taking your faith further and spreading the word of God. This is what Peter, Jesus and God wanted. You heart and spirit do too.